The Alchemist /USA/

Rappers, right. But where would we be without dope drums? Maybe this will sound bold, but The Alchemist is most probably the best rap producer of all times. Of course, there may be other names written in the stones of the South Bronx: Primo, RZA, Dre, Dilla, Pete Rock… But who has been on top for the past three decades? Who started with Soul Assassins; helped building the platform for Dilated Peoples and the whole underground movement; linked up with Mobb Deep and the whole crew; tours as a DJ for Eminem or Action Bronson; and has his drums on records of people like ScHoolboy Q, Nas, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah, Snoob Dogg; while also dictating the current sound with the Griselda Records maniacs?